Ongoing giving platform for anyone making a positive impact on the world
Ongoing giving platform for anyone making a positive impact on the world

cause communities

your ripplemark page is a powerful tool that will help you grow support through our cause communities. tell your story through videos, pictures, bios, and message boards. link to your social presence and share directly from your cause community page to communicate your mission and attract new supporters.

ongoing giving

ripplemark helps cause communities attain ongoing support from their donors through an emphasis on monthly giving. supporters can provide cause communities with a new monthly stream of income through five different membership levels. these membership levels are posted to each of your supporters’ social networks so they can communicate their support for your cause, effectively helping you to further attract even more supporters to your cause community page.


ripplemark’s analytics capability displays how your cause community is performing in real time. our cause community analytics dashboard is easy to use and has a wealth of knowledge for even the most analytical minds. track your cause community activity and support and make adjustments as needed.

cause membership

membership levels are cause community specific and represent how much your supporters back your cause. these membership levels are shared socially to show the world who supports your cause. supporters can choose from 5 membership levels that are specific to each cause community. supporters can collect membership levels in different cause communities to expand their philanthropic footprint and make a mark on the world.


everything you do on ripplemark shows the world where you stand and helps grow support for the cause communities that matter to you. we reward you for every action that you take on the site. the more you do, the higher your ripplemark score goes. track the difference you are making in the world in your user account dashboard.