What is ripplemark?

We all know someone with a desire to change the world. Maybe that someone is starting a charity, launching a start-up, writing a novel, or starting a band. Maybe that someone is you. Whoever it is, you understand their desire to change the world, and understand that raising money to do so is difficult. So do we.

ripplemark encourages supporters of causes to give small donations on a monthly basis, effectively providing a stable source of income that individuals use to fund their dreams. In return, supporters receive cause memberships, rewards, and social badges that validate their support for causes.

Imagine the difference that 100 individuals like you pledging just $10 a month can make towards a cause. That is what we did, and that is why we created ripplemark.

How does ripplemark work?

It’s simple. Explore ripplemark for causes and make monthly donations in exchange for ripplemark memberships and rewards. Share your memberships across your social networks to show who you really are what you really support.

How is ripplemark different than other fundraising alternatives?

ripplemark is the first online cause membership platform. We incentive donors to give through membership perks and user gamification while offering cause communities proprietary analytics tools and outreach features. These offerings combine to make ripplemark the first social giving platform of its kind.

What is a ripplemark membership?

A ripplemark membership represents a donor’s support for a cause, similar to a yellow ribbon on the back of a car. Memberships come with unique social badges and perks to incentive donor participation.
There are 5 levels of ripplemark memberships:

  • $1
  • $5
  • $10
  • $25
  • $50

Where will my ripplemark memberships appear?

Currently, ripplemark memberships appear on your ripplemark profile page. You can share your ripplemark memberships across your social media profiles as well, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more.

Do I have to sign up using Facebook?

No – ripplemark allows you to sign up either with Facebook or with an email address. Signing up with Facebook will enhance your ripplemark experience by making the impact of your donations felt across the greatest number of people.

Who can create a ripplemark cause community?

All cause communities must meet ripplemark’s Terms of Use. Cause communities are reviewed on a consistent basis for content and legitimacy. Cause communities are subject to ripplemark’s approval, and are subject to removal at ripplemark’s discretion.

How can I discontinue my ripplemark cause community?

Please email contact@ripplemark.co regarding discontinuing your ripplemark cause community.

What are “membership rewards”?

Cause communities can attach small rewards to their ripplemark memberships. These can range from providing exclusive updates to ripplemark supporters to giving special status to ripplemark supporters at special events. Membership rewards vary from cause community to cause community, and prove to be an effective way for cause communities to enhance fundraising efforts and encourage donors to support to their causes.

Cause communities will contact supporters directly regarding shipping details, if necessary. Please contact cause communities directly if you have questions or concerns regarding your membership reward.

Please donate to cause communities at your own risk. ripplemark is not a vendor of goods nor services, and is not responsible for the fulfillment of membership rewards. Membership rewards are created and maintained exclusively by cause communities. Please refer to ripplemark’s Terms of Use for additional information.

Membership rewards that are offered by cause communities must meet ripplemark’s Terms of Use, and are entirely subject to ripplemark’s review. ripplemark reserves the right to discontinue cause communities at its own discretion if membership rewards are deemed unacceptable or inappropriate.

Can I discontinue my ripplemark membership?

When a supporter purchases a ripplemark membership, he or she agrees to sign up for monthly donations. To discontinue a cause membership, supporters can select the “My Membership” tab under “Manage Account,” select the membership they wish to discontinue, and select “Cancel Membership.”

Can I only donate on a monthly basis?

Although ripplemark encourages sustainable monthly giving, we understand if supporters only want to give on a one-time basis. We incorporated the “Splash” function (a one-time donation option) for this reason. Supporters can find this option on each cause community’s main page. Please note that supporters will not receive cause memberships nor rewards for these types of donations.

Is purchasing a ripplemark membership secure?

ripplemark's integration with Stripe ensures that all personal and payment information is secure and confidential. Our secure API passes credit card information to the Stripe secure environment. Stripe is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant, the industry standard for protecting credit card information. Ripplemark receives is re-certified on an annual basis according to the PCI standard to handle and process payments. This is the same standard used by banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions.

How are payments processed?

When charging your card, ripplemark will send your name, address, card number, and CVV to Stripe via a secure data transfer. Stripe will store your information in its secure PCI-DSS compliant environment while ripplemark will store a secure token of your address. This ensures that the complete set of information needed to complete a transaction is not stored in the same place, thereby protecting against fraudulent charges and faulty data access. Ripplemark is also PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant and re-certifies its data protection policies each year.

Can I register my cause community as a nonprofit?

In order to be considered a registered nonprofit on our site, your cause community must be registered as a 501(c)3 with the IRS. To confirm your nonprofit’s status with ripplemark, you will need to provide your EIN when creating your cause community. ripplemark will then validate your 501(c)3 status. If ripplemark approves your status, we will notify you and add a green “nonprofit” icon to your cause community’s profile indicating that you are a registered nonprofit. At this point, we will provide your cause community with discounted nonprofit rates. Users can then begin to donate to your cause community on a tax-deductible basis.

Are donations to nonprofits tax-deductible?

Yes – if the cause community that you are supporting is a registered nonprofit, your donations will be tax-deductible. Cause communities that are registered nonprofits will have a green “nonprofit” icon indicating this. ripplemark ensures that cause communities can only obtain this status if they are a registered 501(c)3 with the IRS. Payment receipts will be sent to the email address associated with your Facebook profile (if you signed up with your Facebook account) or your ripplemark username (if you signed up with your email address).

Where can I find additional information related to nonprofits on ripplemark?

Please refer to our nonprofit page.

Have additional questions? Please contact us at contact@ripplemark.co.