The first cause membership platform to sustain donor communities

New fundraising tool

ripplemark allows you to engage your supporters in a new way through cause communities. Our intuitive platform overcomes many barriers between you and your supporters and makes it easy for them to provide support to your cause on an ongoing basis.

Connect with your supporters

Every cause community has a dedicated community of supporters. Make it easy for them to donate and support you on an ongoing basis. People are willing and want to give – ripplemark provides an easy-to-use and powerful resource to make that happen.

Distribute your brand socially

ripplemark gives each supporter membership levels to share on their social networks. Use these membership levels to further distribute your brand socially and create new supporters.

Campaigns are simple

ripplemark makes it easy to create a scalable and powerful social fundraising campaign. Our campaign template makes it easy to tell your story and engage your supporters. Social plugins and badges allow you to amplify your ripplemark cause community socially and build a larger fundraising response.

Build a cause community

Your ripplemark page helps create a community of supporters that you can communicate with on an ongoing basis to provide updates, share milestones, or communicate new initiatives. Updates on your cause community page will be instantly communicated to your supporters through your message board. social plugins make it easy for your ripplemark page to be your first tool for social messaging with your cause community.

Community of giving

Browse the campaigns on our site for best practices, or just to see other people doing exactly what you are doing—making a difference in the world. Find interesting and exciting people that are engaged in similar interests as your cause community.

Recruit new supporters

The ripplemark community is full of people that are willing to help people making a difference in the world. Join us, and attract a new generation of philanthropists through our powerful community of givers.