Nonprofits on ripplemark

  • For registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits, as well as other nonprofits, we offer a major reduction of our platform fees.
  • ripplemark also provides contributors the opportunity to tax deduct their contributions to your organization’s ripplemark campaign.

The IRS defines 501(c)(3) exemption requirements here. In general, this exemption is applied to not-for-profit organizations (scientific, charitable, educational, religious, etc.) that must be registered and verified by the US Government through the IRS. Please note that 501(c)(3) tax exemptions and deductions are only available in the United States.

Nonprofit pricing and fees

  • Campaigns that are linked to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit are automatically granted nearly a 50% discount on our platform fees.
  • Any funds your campaign receives will be charged 2.9% by ripplemark as our platform fee (nearly 50% off of our normal 5.9% fee) and Stripe fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) for payment processing. Your supporters are required to cover the ripplemark and Stripe fees for your $1 and $5 membership levels and splash donations less than or equal to $5, ensuring you are receiving the highest percentage of the total funds you raise as possible. Your supporters will also have the option to pay the ripplemark and Stripe fees for your $10, $25, and $50 membership levels before donating.

Nonprofits fee structure

  • As you raise more money, our fees go down. For example, if your cause community hits $25,001, we provide an additional discount, so that your net ripplemark platform fee is reduced.
  • $0 - 25k 2.9%
    $25k - 100k 2.75%
    $100k - 500k 2.5%
    $500k + 2.25%

Register your cause community as a nonprofit

  • When you create your campaign, you will be asked for three pieces of information to help us to verify you as a nonprofit:
    • nonprofit name
    • EIN
    • Verified nonprofit bank account account
  • After providing this information and launching your cause community, you will be ready to receive funds. Your nearly 50% discount on ripplemark platform fees will be automatically applied. All funds will be sent to your organization through Stripe.