ripplemark is a social giving platform that empowers small gifts to achieve large effects for communities in need. Our platform creates cause communities for anyone making a positive mark on the world

find a passion
  • find a passion project and make a donation to obtain your cause membership
  • support people’s dreams on an ongoing basis and help make those dreams a reality
  • search and learn about people making positive marks on the world
show your support
  • show the world where you stand by sharing your cause membership socially
  • build support for people’s dreams by sharing your memberships across your social networks
  • work your way through ripplemark’s leveling system to increase your positive mark on the world
live the dream
  • earn exclusive member rewards for supporting your passion
  • interact with those you support
  • watch for new announcements and milestones from those you support
  • create or join a ripplemark team to make a dream of yours come true
make a mark
  • celebrate as small donations make a powerful and positive impact on the world
  • enjoy the satisfaction of helping others’ dreams come true
  • show your world the change that you want to see in the world